4 Specializations Of A Fine Arts Degree

Individuals with a creative streak may choose to major in Fine Arts. However, this particular field of study is broad and will require a specialized area of focus to secure the job you want in the future.

Many colleges around the USA cater to students focused on getting a fine arts degree. Consider the following areas of focus if you aren’t sure which skill you want to build the most.


If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and building three-dimensional objects, then consider majoring in Ceramics. Those who choose to pursue ceramics as an area of focus in their Fine Arts degree will learn to master:

·    Hand Built & Wheel Thrown Sculpting

·    Glazing Techniques

·    Molding & Trimming

·    Kiln-Operation


If your skills involve interpreting the world and emotions around you onto canvas, consider specializing in painting. There are a variety of mediums to master when painting is your area of focus, including:

·    Oil Paint

·    Acrylic Paint

·    Water Color

·    Ink

·    Mixed Media

graphic design programs in North Carolina


Those who prefer to combine art with technology will find pleasure in specializing in graphic design programs in North Carolina. Graphic design is one of the highest-paying jobs in the art world, and those who successfully master graphic design techniques can earn over six figures a year in a variety of industries.


Photography is a timeless art that will provide a Fine Art Major with a variety of career opportunities, including:

·    Fashion Photographer

·    Food Photographer

·    Celebrity Photographer

·    Lifestyle & Architectural Photographer

·    Photojournalism

No matter which area a student chooses to specialize in when obtaining a Fine Arts degree, the fact is that they won’t have any problem finding lucrative employment.

Contact your local university to find out what Fine Arts specializations they offer and financial aid options availble for low-income students.