What Should Never Go Down The Drain

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At some point, every individual will accidentally clog their drain. While it may seem like a good idea to pour waste down the toilet or sink, the truth is that these devices are built to handle most liquid or biodegradable organics such as human waste or toilet paper.

However, every year over 20% of Americans experience severely blocked drains that require professional services to unclog. Often, this is because an individual has put something in that isn’t designed to go down.

A clogged drain can damage pipes and may require costly repairs. Consider the following to learn what should never go down the drain.


Those with a garbage disposal are used to throwing all types of food matter down the sink. With a flip of the switch, a powerful blade liquefies everything. However, if you don’t have a garbage disposal, putting foodstuff down the drain is not an option. Consider throwing away or composting the following instead of tossing them down the drain:

·    Coffee Grounds

·    Grease Or Oil

·    Egg Shells

·    Fruit & Vegetable Peels


Many pet owners often clog their drain by pouring litter or pet waste down it. Unfortunately, these items are not designed to break down the same way human waste does in water and can cause tremendous damage to drains and pipes. Southern Louisiana plumbing company services are best equipped to repair damages relating to pet waste clogs.


Hygiene products are made from dense organic and inorganic materials that quickly block a drain and, in extreme cases, damage pipes and plumbing systems. Avoid throwing the following into a toilet or sink drain:

·    Tampons & Menstrual Pads

·    Floss

·    Cotton Buds

·    Condoms

·    Toiletries

Call a plumbing specialist immediately if any materials on this list have clogged your drain.