ICCC Starts a Study on Sustainable Peatland Management

Written by Eli Nur Nirmala Sari on .

The Indonesia Climate Change Center (ICCC) through Peatland and Peatland Mapping Cluster, in coordination with peat scientists, universities, and related institutions start a study titled “Sustainable Peatland Management Across Sectors”. The result of this study will give a recommendation in sustainable peatland management across sectors including forestry, plantation, and agriculture.

Peat is a very delicate ecosystem; therefore we should be careful in implementing sustainable peatland management across sectors. If the management is not done properly, the peat will not be sustainable. Peatland management has environmental risks, because peat is easily degraded. There are various activities on peatland management, such as land cultivation and build canals for irrigation, can increase greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Peatland degradation occurs when the peatland management is not done properly; as a result, increasing rate of decomposition.

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Urban LEDS in Indonesia

Written by Arfiana Khairunnisa on .

The Low Emission Development is a growing interest that emerges across the globe as one comprehensive respond to the climate change threats. Yet to pursue the low emissions development, national level emission reduction target is still in question, while a rapid city-scale low emission development initiative is growing. 

The Indonesia Climate Change Center (ICCC) in coordination with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability conducted serial discussions about urban LEDS (low emission development strategy) in Jakarta and Bandung, 19-20 March 2014.

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Sharing the UK Green Experience

Written by Arfiana Khairunnisa on .

The Indonesia Climate Change Center (ICCC) was pleased to present Professor Sir David King, UK Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change on the fourth ICCC Coffee Morning on Climate Change (CMCC) that was conducted in Jakarta on Thursday, 20 February 2014. On the next day, Professor King gave a presentation in front of hundreds of students of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) at the first ICCC Public Lecture on Climate Change (PLCC) in Bandung.

Professor King presented about The UK Green Experience and the Global Context. “The extreme impact of climate change in the UK is flood. Particularly this February, along the Thames reveals homes, gardens and cars surrounded by floodwater.”

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Peatland and Peatland Mapping

The purpose of the establishment of ‘Peatland and Peatland Mapping Cluster (PPMC) is to produce scientific analyses in supporting policy and action to deal with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from peatland. Find out more

Climate Resilience

The objective of establishing the Climate Resilience Cluster is to produce scientific analyses in support of policy and action to integrate climate vulnerability into Indonesia’s development plans. Find out more

Measurement, Reporting & Verification

The objective of the MRV (Measurement, Reporting and Verification) Cluster is  to produce scientific analyses in support of policy and action to establish a robust and credible MRV system. Find out more

Low Emission Development Strategies

The LEDS Cluster is expected to produce scientific analyses in support of policy and action for mainstreaming low emission development strategies into development plans at the national and sub-national levels.
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