Tips For Giving Your Dog A Happy Life

As a pet owner we will do anything and everything for our pets. We will treat our bets like our children, dressing them up, giving the best foods and even making sure that they have exercise and love.

One thing that we don’t like is when our lives become so active and time consuming that we can’t spend as much time as possible with our pets. In these situations, we need to find a way to keep our pets safe and happy. One popular option that many people are considering is doggie day care.

What is day care for our pets?

The basics of day care are that it is a place where your dog can go during the day while you are at work. The important thing to remember here is that this isn’t just any place; these centers provide exercise, food and socialization with other dogs. This can be a great way to keep your dog happy and active while you are away. It is important to look at pet day care centers as a necessity rather than an option. Often they will be able to provide services that pet owners just can’t offer.

Watch their diet

The diet of your pet is vital. Many people believe that they deserve to eat the same food that they do. However, human food is designed for humans and pet food is designed for pets. Pets require different nutritional requirements and giving them human food is not a good idea.

Some common items that are unsafe to give pets include:

Chocolate – This is a toxic for dogs and should not be given. It can cause serious illness or even death in some cases.

Coffee/Tea – The caffeine in these drinks can cause heart palpitations, tremors and other serious problems for your pet.

doggie day care

Grapes/Raisins – Even in small amounts these can cause kidney failure for your pet.

Onions/Garlic – These will damage red blood cells in your pet and can cause death. This is a very serious issue so pay attention to any treats or food that contain these items.

When it comes to caring for your pet, make sure that you do everything that you can and ensure that you are giving them the best lives they can have.