Tips For Taking Care Of Your Water Heater

The water heater is a device that we have in our homes designed to rapidly heat water and keep it at a constant temperature. The water heater is generally located in the garage or in a closet off the laundry room. When we have a water heater installed it should last us at least twenty years or so. If not, we may need assistance from an emergency water heater repair company.

If we have problems with our hot water heater, we want to follow these steps to diagnose the problem. The first thing we need to do is try a cold water faucet and see if it produces hot water or not. If we have no hot water, the problem could be with the water heater. This would require us to shut off the power supply and then drain out about two gallons from our tank before proceeding.

After draining, turn off the cold water supply line and open up the drain valve for about five minutes. Then, close off that valve and go ahead and turn on both hot and cold water supplies back on.

If we find that it is only one faucet or showerhead that doesn’t have any warm water coming out of it, we want to check the temperature on the thermostat. If this isn’t working, we may want to replace the thermostat with a new one or try removing it and then reconnecting it back onto its wires.

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If our water is hot in one faucet but not in others, we should check for debris that could be blocking the flow of water somewhere in the pipes and then clean everything out. We should also check our faucets for leaks because they could be what is keeping us from producing hot water.

Dealing with a water heater might seem like an easy thing, however, as you can see multiple options could be causing issues. To ensure that you don’t mess up anything more, contact a professional.